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Traveling with your boxer

A checklist for any trip and some important information about the breed and air travel.

Travel check list:

  • Make sure that your dog has a identification  and rabies tags
  • Get a dog seat belt harness and leash
  • Have your dog’s vaccination updated
  • If you are traveling abroad, check if a health certification is required
  • Consider some preventive medication for flea and heart worm
  • Pack food, water, snacks and dog dishes
  • Toys
  • Dog bed or blanket
  • Call ahead to check if the lodging is dog friendly
  • If you are staying in someone’s place, ask if a crate is necessary
  • Never keep your dog by itself inside a car, it can be deadly your dog due to heat stroke
  • Always have a source of easy water to your dog and remember to stop and let your dog to relieve himself during the trip
  • Have a pet first aid kit to your dog that contains bandages, antiseptic cream and anti-diarrheal medication for pets
  • Have a picture of your pet, in case it get lost
  • Keep  your dog leashed
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Never leave your dog alone in the hotel room
  • Have a Do not disturb sign
  • Microchip your dog

Traveling by Air

These restrictions are applied for pets that aren’t traveling in the cabin.
Restrictions for Snub-nosed breeds* which Boxers are:

  1. Temperatures of the airport location upon departure or arrival: maximum of 5F / 24C and the minimum of 10F / -12C.
  2. Date restrictions:  June 1 – September 30

Keep in mind that traveling by air is always a risk for your Boxer this kind of breed can often  have hereditary respiratory problems that can be trigger during the extreme condition during a flight, such as stress and extreme heat. Some airlines such as JAL are not accepting to transport anymore Bulldogs and French Bulldogs in their flight since their past experiences and veterinarian advices about these breeds vulnerabilities in on board conditions.

Checklist for shipping your Boxer by air

  • If you are traveling overseas, check the local policies for traveling pets, such as vaccination, health certification, quarantine
  • Get a kennel with ventilation on 4 sides and one size bigger to allow enough room for your Boxer to sit and stand up. (Check airlines guidelines)
  • Do not place food in the kennel during the flight
  • Get a dog travel water bowl and keep it on the freezer overnight
  • Prefer flights  in the early morning since it is much cooler
  • Avoid flights with connections, if does prefer connections with 2 hours between
  • Mark clearly the final destination of your dog along with your name and phone number and a destination phone together with your certificates taped to the kennel. You can always get a airline travel kit.
  • Put absorbent blankets or newspaper in the crate and exercise your Boxer just before leaving for the airport
  • Never use tranquilizers in your boxer when  you are traveling, they are a cause of death of pets during travels. Specially Acepromazine that is known for the breed-related problems such as: arrythmia of the heart, collapse, respiratory arrest and profound bradycardia. Tell your vet!


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photo credit: Smile for the Camera via photopin (license)