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Housebreaking Your Puppy

Dogs as many other animals, read the language of odors as part of their communication.

Dogs as many other animals, read the language of odors as part of their communication. The urine smell is use to mark territories and demonstrate who is the boss in the pack.

Dogs live in packs and it’s part of natural behavior to follow a scale of dominance. The dog with higher status is called “alpha”, the second one is called “beta” and the others are less important to them.

The alpha dog is always the most dominant one, and when a dog lives alone he is automatically considered as the alpha dog. It’s very common when you have two dogs sharing the same yard to have the alpha one peeing first and after the second one who is the beta dog trying to compete for the position as alpha peeing on the same spot where the alpha has urinated before. These marking along the territory are used to trace invisible fences to protect their territory from other dominant dogs. Their territory means food, water, shelter, security and their crown to be the king or queen of the land.

Now it sounds more clearly why your dog when goes to a park enjoys to pee in every single tree he see in front of him. The same can be considered in your house and yard.

Paper training inside the house is not recommend if you are planning to housebreak your dog. The odor of the urine can stay in the spot where the newspaper was and your dog will always be reminded to go there to urinate.

The first step to train your dog to go outside and urinate is teach him the meaning of “NO” and plant positive memories when you take him to the right spot to urinate. When you see your dog peeing inside the house, say the word “No” with a tone of voice that can be recognized as when he does something wrong. Try to stop him and take him immediately to the right place and praise him when he restarts to urinate there.

Punishing does not work because dogs can associate the punishing when something they weren’t caught doing. Never hit your dog because it will just make your dog become scared and is an act of abuse that won’t make your carpet clean.

Consistency, understanding that dogs and humans are different and lots of patience are the keys for a successful canine education.

There is always lots of happiness at home when you bring a puppy at home and lots of things to be clean. Suddenly you discover that cute little thing as any child needs to learn some rules as not peeing in the carpet or in any other area. Punishing your puppy when pees on the forbidden areas isn’t the right way to teach him to do not do that. Since the beginning it should be taught the meaning of the word “NO” and be used when you see doing something wrong like peeing, and immediately be taken to the right place. When they dog understands that peeing on the right place is something that pleases you, this will become routine because dogs love to please their owners.

Paper training is not recommended because will only prolong the process of housebreaking. The odor stays in that place and it reminds your dog to always go there when he wants to.

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