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Common K-9 Parasites

It’s recommended to take your dog’s stool at least once a year for examination and clean the stool as often as possible. Keeping your dog clean from fleas will prevent the infection by intestinal parasites as tape worms. If you notice any of these symptoms, take your pet to the veterinarian and you will receive the confirmation of the diagnoses and the proper treatment.


Hookworms: They can cause anemia and even death in young puppies.It’s transmitted by ingestion. Humans can be infected by these parasites through penetration of the skin.

Roundworms: These worms look like spaghetti and cause a potbellied appearance with a dull coat with other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and coughing. It can be transmitted by the mother to the puppies while they are in uterus and through lactation. The transmitting occurs by ingestion.

Whip worms: The symptoms are diarrhea with mucus and are very difficult to treat, since their eggs are resistant to most environmental factors and can last for years waiting for the proper conditions to mature. Their life cycle is three-months.

Coccidiosis and Giardiasis: The symptoms are diarrhea, weight and appetite loss. These protozoan infections affect puppies more often where are kept in a larger number together. Older animals only show the symptoms if under stress.

Tapeworms: They appear around the dog’s anus and the base of the tail, easily visible and are rice-like with a flat shape. Fleas are the carrier of this parasite.

Heart Worm Disease: This worm resides at the heart and vessels of the lung producing microfilaria which circulates at the bloodstream. The treatment is expensive and it’s a life-threatening disease easy to prevent. It’s diagnosed by a blood test.

Fleas: Preventing this parasite you will keep your dog healthy and prevent against other worms, such as tape worms.Some dogs are allergic to are many different treatments and products on the market.

Ticks: Ticks carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease and can cause tick paralysis. Their removal can be done using tweezers or preventing using a tick collar.

Sarcoptic Mange: They cause intense itching and are highly contagious to dogs and humans.
Demodectic Mange: It’s passed by the mom to her puppies and causes skin scraping and small areas of alopecia around the eyes.

Cheyletiella: Causes itching and are yellow-gray color scales. It can be found at the back, rump, head and nose.

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